No. 2: understain

By Mark Addison Smith
Chicago, Illinois: Mark Addison Smith, 2008. Edition of 10.

6.25 x 12.75"; 24 pages, each split down the center. Double spiral bound at right and left edges. Digital inkjet prints printed on 100 lb. Bristol board. Black, railroad board end pages. Bound in black cloth over boards with top board split down center.

Text is reconstituted words scanned from handwritten school journals (dated 1984). All pages are cut across the vertical center to allow for multiple word hybridizations.

Mark Addison Smith: "Enlarged found letterforms digitally extracted from two spiral bound school journals written by the artist in 1984 at the age of 8 are recombined to form an array of interactive prefixes and suffices commenting on the shifting nuances between childhood, adulthood, and the fragile self-evolution of identity and sexuality within contemporary America."