Days Without (Sky): A Poem Tarot

By Judith Serin
illustrated by Nikki Thompson
San Francisco: Deconstructed Artichoke Press, 2010. Edition of 50.

4 x 6 x 1.5"; 82 pages. Handset in Centaur 14 pt. Hand cut linoleum blocks. Printed on a Vandercook SP15 on Lenox paper. Housed in a folding-paper case-style wrapper with slip in closure and title printed on front.

This series of seventy-eight short prose poems written by Judith Serin is matched with images by Nikki Thompson of walks, home and work, and pain.

Nikki Thompson, introduction: "I began this series of poems after I had hurt my back and felt very limited. The two things I did manage to do daily, besides my teaching job, were taking a walk and writing some words each night about the day. So these tarot cards consist of images of my walks in San Francisco, of my home and work, and of pain and finding some delight
despite it."

How to Use These Cards As a Tarot Deck: "We hope that you will use Days Without (Sky) as a tarot deck. The images on the back of the poems indicate the suits. The cracked plate is swords, the chair and pitcher are cups, the train is wands, the cat in the window is disks, the flying goose is the major arcana, and the scrubjay in the flowerpot is all other material. Since the numbers or royalty titles are on the other side with the poems, close your eyes when picking cards. We hope the poems will add to your interpretation. "