Winds, An Interchangeable Musical Composition

By Thomas Parker Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Thomas Parker Williams, 2015. Edition of 20.

8 x 9.5 x .5" lidded and sectioned paper box containing Music CD, Video DVD, wooden stands, and 21 hand cut digital printed panels. Signed and initialed by the artist.

Thomas Parker Williams: "The music for Winds consists of 14 solo musical voices composed, performed and recorded by the artist on an electronic wind instrument. Each voice is represented graphically by a moveable acrylic panel. Musically the 14 voices, individually presented on the CD, may be arranged in many different combinations. A visual composition can be created illustrating the musical one using the moveable panels. The video illustrates the 14 solo voices and three of many possible compositional arrangements with animation of the moveable panels as each voice appears in the composition.

"Users of this book are welcome to make their own musical compositions with the individual voices contained on the CD. Colors on the panels indicate, from dark to light, the position of the voice in the 4-1/2 octave range of the composition. The cut shapes and inscribed lines of each panel indicate the texture and harmonic quality of each voice. "