Flowing Essence

By Sharon A. Sharp
Boone, North Carolina: [Curious Pursuits Press], 2005. Edition of 30.

2.625 x 3.875" closed, extends to 10"; 18 pages. Interlocking accordions and two pamphlet-stitched signatures. Mohawk cover-weight, Canson Mi-Tientes, Thai unryu, and office papers. Original linocut printed on a Vandercook press. Text: handwritten and inkjet printed. Bound in blue papers with metal brad and metallic thread closure. Glass bead adornment on tassel closure.

Sharon Sharp: "This book is a meditation on water's powerful, mysterious role in our lives and language. The wonder of the hydrologic cycle is represented on the smaller, torn edged accordion filled with handwriting, and water's infusion of our language is celebrated in the single signature pamphlets.

"One suggestion for readers: To enjoy the first signature even more, write down your definition of water before reading this portion of the book."