turning tides

By Elizabeth Castaldo
[Atlanta, Georgia]: Elizabeth Castaldo, 2013. One-of-a-kind.

6 x 11"; 8 leaves. Multi-layered french folds of varying heights. Silkscreen and watercolor. Paper covers with stab binding. Signed and dated by the artist.

Elizabeth Castaldo: "Turning Tides is a rumination on the power of water sparked by the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy a few months earlier in November of 2012. Water is a source of life, without it living things would cease to exist. In the right amounts it provides hydration for plants and animals, a place to bathe, and a means of recreation. As water levels increase due to a storm or the melting of polar ice caps, the hubris of human kind is revealed as houses and roads built along the shore can be flooded and destroyed in a matter of hours. The gentle tide of the ocean has the potential to become a powerful force of destruction."