A Lakeland Walk

By Mikel Vause
Salt Lake City, Utah: Green Cat Press, 2006. Edition of 50.

15 x 12"; single sheet. Letterpress printed on Rives BFK paper with three color plates: light blue, dark blue, and red. Design by Susan Makov. Poem by MIkel Vause. Signed by Makov and Vause. Numbered.

Broadside designed by Susan Makov, Professor Art at Weber State University, of a poem by Mikel Vause, Professor of English at Weber State University.

weberstudies.weber.edu: "Mikel Vause (Ph.D., Bowling Green University) is Professor of English at Weber State University where he is co-director and founder of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference. His essays, poems, and stories have appeared in numerous publications including American Nature Writer, Popular Culture Review, The John Muir News Letter, and The Himalayan Journal. He is author of a collection of essays On Mountains and Mountaineers and editor of The Peregrine Reader, Wilderness Tapestry and two volumes of essays by women climbers, Rock and Roses vol. I and II. He has recently published his first collection of poems I Knew It Would Come to This."

It is something to walk
From Grasmere to Ullswater and back in a day,
Passing from one valley to the next,
Over high mountains,
Beside the melodious stream,
Whose shallow water laughs as it dances over
An ageless bed of round smooth rocks. …