Exploring the Coral Reefs with the Last Chance Divers

By Barbara Milman
El Cerrito, California: Red Parrot Press, 2009. Edition of 7.

8.5 x 8.5"; 20 pages. Double-sided accordion. Digital print with collage. Linocut cover. Wraparound cover with handsewn binding.

One side of the accordion combines vivid underwater photographs with a collage of cartoonish divers and underwater forms in silhouette; the other side is a run-on sequence of news about the threat of global warming, in the main warnings that while ubiquitous have little effect.

Barbara Milman: "I made several ... books in Hawaii using photos printed on photo paper and with similar designs on folded sheets of watercolor paper. Text is from news articles and headlines about global warming - but chopped up so that it is hard to make out the details."