By Sara White Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Alluvium Press, 2015. Edition of 35.

4 x 6"; 18 pages with two double-page spreads folding out. Letterpress printed on Arches Text Wove and handmade linen/hemp cover paper on a Vandercook 3 Proofing Press. Illustrated with ink drawings, polymer plates and linoleum. Dum leaf binding. Bound in paper over boards with cloth spine.

Sara White: "MISS addresses the industrialization of the Mississippi River Valley from an ecofeminist perspective. The drum-leaf binding resembles a field notebook to mimic those used by engineers in the early twentieth century. I used the book Riparian Lands of the Mississippi River (1901) as my source text and drew ink-wash illustrations from a few of its photographs and diagrams, which were scanned and letterpress printed using photopolymer. I created an erasure poem after extracting all passages that use the pronouns her and she from a pdf of the book. The authors only use these words to describe structures, cities, or nature in this book of essays championing river industry in the South. I used my own handwriting to create a new narrative about her, which is intended to parallel the control and oppression of the landscape to that of the female body/voice."