The Water Book: Lane of Thoughts

By Sibyl Rubottom
San Diego, California: Bay Park Press, 2010. Edition of 10.

23 x 15 x 1.25"; 12 leaves. Intaglio prints, chine-collé, mylar collage prints, and letterpress. Printed on Fabriano Rosapina Bianco in Clarendon 30 point type. Japanese stab binding. Bound in aqua blue silk. Laid in matching cloth clamshell box with hand-painted mylar collage interior.

"'We're all born from water. What could be more natural than to swim all your life in that wonderful weightless medium.' - Esther Williams.

"Esther Williams was my hero growing up on Long Island Sound. I would see each of her movies and try to relive the fabulous water ballet sequences with my girlfriends. These past few years I have been swimming in a beautiful Olympic outdoor pool at the Y in Mission Valley. There are no sharks or seaweed as in my beloved La Jolla Cove. In the pool, palm trees and dappled light line my lanes of thought, perhaps an elephant or two."