She is Far From the Land

By Thomas Hood
Provo, Utah: Tryst Press, 2002. Edition of 40.

11.75 x 21.75" single sheet. Letterpress with woodcut illustration.

Broadside of poem by British poet, Thomas Hood (1789-1845 ).

Tryst Press: "This fantastical poem by Thomas Hood excites the imagination with squally sea-faring adventure. Handset text rolls likes a troubling wave and splashes against the ominous swimming forms of merman and sea-dog, the spirited woodcuts rendered by Robert Buchert."

Cables entangling her,
Shipspars for mangling her,
Ropes, sure of strangling her;
Blocks over-dangling her;
Tiller to batter her,
Topmast to shatter her,
Tobacco to spatter her; ...