Seeing Patients:
The Sketchiest Details

By Alan Blum, M.D.

8.5 x 10.75"; 102 pages. Softcover. Perfect bound.

Alan Blum, M.D., introduction: "I awaken each day with the wonderful faces of patients in my mind and the simple but funny, poignant, and wise stories I've been privileged to hear."

Mark Hughes Cobb, The Tuscaloosa News, "Since he was a resident on rounds sketching a cute social worker, Dr. Alan Blum has put pen to paper to capture faces: grimaces, grins, groans, looks of consternation, and sly sharing.

"The sketches and poem-like notations of complaints and questions bring vividly back each and every patient ... and their stories. ... Not all the stories are ... sweet. Some are ribald, some sad, some simply weird. Some read like Henny Youngman skits. ... "

These drawings have resulted in three books. Seeing Patients was the precursor to Ladies in Waiting and Gentle Men.