By Aleka Keleman
2000. Edition of 12.

4.625 x 3"; 32 pages. This small book is bound in millimeter style with a maroon leather spine and Pamela Smith hand marbled papers on the covers. The title label is gold laserfoil printed on the same marbled paper and inset. Each of the 32 pages is hand painted with inks on Sumi paper. Text is laserprinted. Title page is heat embossed Gocco print with hand painting on Nideggan paper. The wraparound case is of burgundy book cloth and lined with Smith marbled paper with a complementary pattern to book's cover. The case cover is Gocco printed in gold. Illustrations and book design by Alicia Bailey.

Ab means, in Aramaic, “the breath of life.” The text of this book includes descriptions of the physiological workings of the circulatory system and Aubri Aleka Keleman's poem "Suggestions for Improving the Heart and Its Workings."