By Allison Cooke Brown
Yarmouth, Maine: Allison Cooke Brown, 2003. Edition of 2.

10.5 x 6 x 1.25" closed. Opens 360 degrees. Coptic binding. pages and hinges printed by Xerox lithography of a ribcage and artist's writings, all in red. Linen cover with typeset label. - See more at: http://vampandtramp.com/finepress/b/allison-cooke-brown.html#cancer

Allison Cooke Brown is interested in investigating the territory of body and thought. Much of her work reflects her past struggles with breast cancer.

Allison Cooke Brown: "Aside from the pun of "spine" in a book format, I wanted to have my thoughts running along the surface of an interior of a torso. The book can be displayed open, 360 degrees to imitate the roundness of a body; but it also can be read as a narrative, since the writing can be read line by line, and which discusses questions of identity of who I am."