By Amy Pirkle
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Perkolator Press, 2011. Edition of 19.

4 x 5.5"; 12 pages. Two-color screen prints. Letterpress printed text from metal types in the typeface Della Robia. Drum leaf binding with screen printed covers.

Amy Pirkle: "I was diagnosed with vertigo last September after a particularly bad (3-day long) episode, so this book is about the things that make me feel better whenever I am having a bout of vertigo. The colors aren't represented as well through the photographs, but I've tried to pair up colors that vibrate against each other as the reader looks through the book, to kind of replicate the dizzy feeling one gets if she has vertigo.

"I printed Vertigo at Penland School of Crafts during a week-long retreat for instructors in September 2011, shortly after having been diagnosed with vertigo. The imagery represents things that make me feel better when I am experiencing vertigo, including water, cool air, sleep, and turning off the lights. "