By Amy Pirkle and Sara Pirkle Hughes Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Perkolator Press, 2014. Edition of 14.

5 x 8.5" closed; 14 pages. Doubled sided accordion with two pop-up elements. Letterpress printed from handset metal types on Johannot mouldmade paper. Linocuts. Pochoir. Cloth-covered boards with kite tipped on front board. Designed, printed, and bound by Amy Pirkle. Signed by poet and printer. Numbered. Of the edition 10 available for sale.

Amy Pirkle: "Hands features a poem written by my twin sister, Sara Hughes. It was originally titled 'My Twin Sister in the Print Shop,' and is an excerpt from a longer poem. The first line states 'Our hands are matching origami kites.' The poem considers one struggle that all artists face, and especially one that she and I often contemplate: 'the grief, the prayers that any of this matters.' The pop-up kites that represent us, so boldly colorful and prominent at the beginning of the book, begin to grow smaller and fade away as the poem continues."