Poem by Jean-Simon DesRochers
Canada: Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret, 2004. Edition of 35.

7 x 12" accordion book. A collaboration with Jean-Simon Des Rochers. Silkscreen printing and perforations on Stonehenge paper. - See more at: http://vampandtramp.com/finepress/d/dupuis-bourret.html#hop

Andress-Anne Dupuis-Bourret: "Hop is a book on the kinetics and the movement. Mischievous and spontaneous, offering colors to the pop accents, almost resulting from comic strips, Hop is a wind of lightness carried by a winter breath. Hop includes two new poems of Jean-Simon DesRochers."

Text on side 1 printed in French: (English translation not printed)

Dessine la danse                       Design the dance
du pays dedans                         of inner-land
si le temps                                   if time
est une                                          page is a page
ou l'hiver decoupe le ciel.       where winter cut the sky.

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