By Ginger Burrell San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2011. Edition of 10.

4.25 x 5.25"; 8 pages. Accordion structure. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Bound in cloth-covered boards.

Ginger Burrell: "Like many women, I struggle with infertility. And, like many artists, I make art about those topics which are the hardest and the most important to explore.

"Empty explores infertility using the universal display of family photos. As my mother, my grandmother, and many mothers have before me, I imagined a display on the mantel of photos of my children: baby photos, first-day-of-school photos, graduation and wedding photos. Empty displays the frames sans photos. The lullabies I've hummed countless times to imaginary children weave through the book in a faded, almost transparent soundtrack."