Grey Matter:
Arguing with Descartes

By Heather Weston
London, England: Heather Weston, 2005. Edition of 150.

4.5 x 4.75"; 26 pages. Accordion fold with bound sections. Offset lithography, paper, book cloth and board in a gray leather slipcase. Titles embossed on slipcase.

Explores the relationship between our bodies and minds within the context of the dominant philosophical paradigm: Descartes’ model of dualism, where the world is divided into polarized opposites - black and white, mind and body, right and wrong. The book structure is employed to question the validity of this extreme theoretical split so readily accepted within mainstream philosophical thought and theology. In creating a three way structure within the book, a middle ground is forged, articulating a different view point somewhere between black and white. Here subjectivity, perception and a far less certain view of the world allow for a "grey area" in which our minds and bodies can join up and represent the reality and complexity of a more holistic human condition.