Tan Lines
By Julie Friedman
2004. Edition of 6.

14.5 x 16” open; 5.25 x 4" closed with eight folded pages. Text computer generated and transferred to the paper with a solvent. Color images are made from a linocut (black outlines) with a five color monoprinted image below.

Tan Lines is ready by slowly unfolding the structure and following the arrows (hand stamped icons) to each new page. When the book is totally unfolded an image of a sunbathing woman is totally exposed. The text tells the (funny) story of a woman (the artist) lured to the beach everyday but guilty about sun exposure.

I know it's wrong to sit in the sun. I read the reports. I listen to the doctors' warnings. I really try to deny myself this guilty pleasure. I list all the bad thing that could happen.
Dry Skin
But then comes a day so perfect, so beautiful and warm . I just can't help myself, I have to go to the beach. But do I cover myself from head to toe? Wear a hat? Sit under an umbrella? Avoid the danger times between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.? Wear sunscreen with the number 45 on it?
NO, I strip off all propriety and clothes. I slather on the sunscreen (a modest #30) put on a bikini and fall to the sand with wild abandon.
Roast each side happily for 30 minutes or so before the guilt (and boredom) sets in.
So I run home and peel off my suit, shower, moisturize and admire my tan lines.

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