A Medical Vade Mecum

By Richard Troncone Los Angeles: Kumquat Press, 2012. Edition of 15.

3.5 x 8.25"; 18 pages. Double-sided accordion structure. Bound in leather boards with leather tie closure. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Richard Troncone: "The term Vade Mecum is from the Latin meaning 'go with me' and was usually a pocket handbook intended to be carried at all times. They could deal with any topic and were generally compendiums of information in a particular field. They were designed to be easily consulted and provide quick answers.

"This one is based on a quick reference guide for a doctor who needed to refer to the human body's physiology and herbal remedies for the patient's ailments. They were in use from as early as medieval times through the late 1700s."