Bent Like the River

By Terry Schupbach-Gordon
Rosendale, New York: Women's Studio Workshop, 1994.
Edition of 100.

9.75 x 11"; 12 pages. Japanese stab binding with Indian handmade covers. French fold book with woodcuts. Papers: Gekkekon, Gampi, Toronoko, and Kitakata paper.

Women's Studio Workshop: "A short, lyrical poem is brought to life by a series of powerful woodcuts. The contents celebrate and affirm the lives of people living with disabilities. The rhythmic quality of the verse is echoed by the syncopated marks of the gouge and the movement of the bodies and waterways depicted over the pages."

Terry Schupbach-Gordon: "In my work, I draw the body bent, bending, able, and disabled. It has been my deeply personal attempt to reclaim grace for a body often considered outside the conventional definition of 'normal.' Living beautifully or gracefully with disability requires me to redefine the words 'beauty' and 'grace', and to give them visual form. Work inevitably mirrors our personal experience. The body that I work with is my own."