The Books to Come
By Alan Loney
Foreword by Jenni Quilter
Buffalo, New York: Cuneiform Press, 2010. Edition of 200.

5.75 x 8.75"; 138 pages. Typeface: Quadraat. Hardbound in illustrated boards. In illustrated dust jacket.

Cuneiform Press: "Of Alan Loney's long-anticipated collection of essays entitled The Books to Come, Johanna Drucker has written: 'Few people have mused with such imagination on the topic of the book as Alan Loney does in this volume. His reflections distill a lifetime of practice and reading, of knowing books and living with and around them. His thoughts about libraries, writing, texts, the codex, printed books, the artist's book, fine press traditions, and bibliography are at once philosophical and poetical. Though writing in the tradition of Mallarmé, Jabès and Blanchot, Loney's sensibility is contemporary and original, informed by his practice as a printer and a profound engagement with books as expressive objects and objects of contemplation.'

"Alan Loney had his first book of poems published in 1971 and began printing in 1974. ... Loney has published 11 books of poetry, and eight books of prose with a recent emphasis on the nature of the book. ... The Books to Come brings together formulations of Loney's thinking about the relations between poetry and typography for the first time."

Includes six essays by Loney:
Meditation: the printer printed:manifesto
Zephyros: the book untitled
Each new book
What book does my library make
The limits of the book as object
Exergue: destroying the books