Long Island City Sundial Field Guide
By Heidi Neilson
New York: Heidi Neilson, 2013. Edition size not stated.

5.83 x 8.26"; 60 pages. Casebound. Digital offset printed. Softcover illustrated wraps.

Heidi Neilson: "The Long Island City Sundial is a neighborhood-wide sundial in Queens, New York, just across the East River from Manhattan. The prominent 201-meter Citicorp building's shadow can be tracked across the neighborhood and used to tell time throughout the day and year. Since this sundial's shadow-casting spire (the gnomon) is vertical instead of at a customary angle, the length of the shadow at any given time changes from day to day. The dial is the irregular terrain of buildings and elevated roads and tracks in a neighborhood that slants down toward the nearby East River. The Long Island City Sundial Field Guide assists reading and experiencing the sundial through maps, landmarks, observation areas, tours and events."