Damn Good Coffee
By Jessica Spring and Mary Alice Pomputius
Tacoma, Washington: Springtide Press, 2013. Edition of 90.

13 x 13"; single sheet. Handset and letterpress printed in two colors by Jessica Spring & Mary-Alice Pomputius at Springtide Press. Printed on brown textured Fabriano Murillo paper. Signed by both artists and numbered.

Colophon: "Agent Dale Cooper, who drank it black as midnight on a moonless night."

Jessica Spring: "One of a twin series of prints inspired by wise words from characters in Twin Peaks, made in collaboration with Grundoon Press. A quote from Agent Dale Cooper is handset and letterpress printed with some damn good wood type, border & stars. Carefully handset, the wood type is overprinted with translucent white steam."

Agent Dale Cooper was the protagonist in the television series Twin Peaks. He is an eccentric FBI agent in Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. He has some quirky mannerisms and a sense of humor. He loves a good cherry pie along with a "damn fine cup of coffee."