The Gospel According to Inglis: Aphorisms for our time
Selected by William Rueter Ontario, Canada: The Aliquando Press, 2005. Edition of 60.

17 x 13.6 cm (6.7 x 5.4"); 35 unnumbered pages. Various types, ornaments and decorations printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Bound with patterned Italian or Japanese paper with cloth spine. Numbered.

Will Rueter, preface: "Whenever I go to Toronto, I pass by an illuminated billboard at the west end of the city advertising Inglis home appliances. The special feature of the billboard appears across the bottom: a varying display of aphorisms - an anomaly amidst the advertising signage. Subtle in daylight, these messages give meaning to the Toronto skyline at night.

"During the past five or six years I have recorded some of the most appealing of the aphorisms displayed on the Inglis billboard and I have added a few anonymous texts from other sources. The folk at Inglis are to be congratulated on their sense of responsibility to the public by presenting texts that offer a moral code and remind us of our fragile humanity."