Over the Hills
By Cathryn Miller Saskatchewan, Canada: Byopia Press, 2016. Edition of 6.

7 x 5"; 4 double-page openings. Double-sided accordion with swing panel structure. In wrapper with slip and slot closure. Initialed and numbered by the artist.

Cathryn Miller, colophon: "Part of an ongoing series of works based on exploration of colour-graphemic synesthesia. This book presents the lyrics to Pete Seeger's song 'Over The Hills' in a purely visual form. Letters become colours, and are used as graphic elements. The book manifests the essence, if not the sense, of the song."

Cathryn Miller, blog: "I [am] interested in the idea of codes - dot/dash, morse code, code - so I played with the idea of colour-graphemic synesthesia and colour-coded alphabets. -- There are more than 26 colours because I allowed for a number of punctuation marks. ... I created a couple of landscape images of rolling hills based on a picture from my photo files. I also re-arranged the text into rectangular blocks, which involved removing all the punctuation except the final period."

Over the hills I went one day,
Dreaming of myself and you.
And the springtime of years since first we
And all that we've been through.…