Political Promises
By Cathryn Miller Saskatchewan, Canada: Byopia Press, 2017. Open Edition.

5 x 5.5" plastic case containing five envelopes of different sizes. Designed like Russian nesting dolls, one envelope fits into a larger envelope and so on. Typeset in Rosewood standard. Laser printed on acid-free card stock. Housed in plastic case. Initialed and dated by the artist.

Cathryn Miller: "This artist's book was inspired by statements made by the Canadian Prime Minister concerning electoral reform. It is applicable to a wide variety of political promises.

Byopia Press blog, March 5, 2017: "Once the book is opened, all the parts may be stored in the plastic case. ... The book is assembled in reverse order: from smallest envelope to largest. … [E]ach has a smaller envelope inside. There are five envelopes in the completed book. ... After going through the process of opening all five envelopes one is, of course, left with nothing. Because I thought it might entertain him, I have mailed a copy to the Honorable Thomas Mulcair [leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada]."