Banished Thoughts
By Grace Winn Ellis Tobaccoville, North Carolina: Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press, 2012. Edition of 65.

8 x 9"; 2 pages. Woodcuts printed on Yatsou, Kitakata, and Japanese etching papers. Type is Trajan Pro Bold. Sewn gatefold binding with covers of Brazilian banana paper. Numbered. Signed by artist and poet.

Colophon: "The poem was written by Grace Winn Ellis who corralled these words after a walk at Tanglewood Park. The woodcut is by Terry Schupbach-Gordon who is familiar also with bats, belfries, and distraction. "

Grace Ellis recently started a blog, May 2012. Banished Thoughts was one of her first entries: "After years of quietly hoarding my opinions on the inner life, the public arena, books, and theater, I am sharing them with the wider world. I hope you will find something here that speaks to you.

"Here’s a brief word from the fluttering thoughts that I am releasing into the world:..."

As I walk through my days,
Words collide in my head
Forming chains of language.
What happens when I don’t write them down? ...

$ 65 artist book
$ 35 broadside