Ephemera Series I
BySimon Cutts Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle, 2016. Edition of 200.

4.25 x 6"; 6 books in slipcase. Digitally printed. Each laminated and stapled. Lightweight cardstock slipcase with paper title on side.

The first 6 books in Coracle's digitally printed color series.

Mr S Mills visits the Kroller-Muler by Simon Cutts (2014)
I always have an audience for my work by Erica Van Horn (2014)
The Translated Latrine Inscriptions of The Palazzo Davanzati / Simon Cutts (2015)
aglio 6 olio by Duncan Chappell and Coracle (2015)
The Traveler Restaurant Union CT by Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts (2016)
The Pencils of Matsutani by Takesada Matsutani (2016)