Moss Buzz: 22 walks to the same place
By Lin Charlston Ludlow, Shropshire, UK: Charlston Books, 2016. Edition of 100.

10.25 x 8.25"; 50 pages. Printed digitally on Conqueror carbon neutral paper 160 gsm. Wire bound codex with hand embroidered cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Lin Charlston: "Walking is the only way to encounter illicit plants which cling to walls and emerge from cracks and crevices in a city. During 2015 I made numerous walking ‘dérives’ in the city of Manchester UK, tuning-in to all things plant. The psycho-geographic method known as a ‘dérive’ is a ‘randomly motivated walk’ in which the role of chance is important. It is not aimless, more a sense of being drawn in to discover ‘unities of ambience, currents and vortices in urban terrains’ (Guy Debord 1958).

"Moss Buzz: 22 walks to the same place is a story of a cushion of moss which attracted my attention. Growing on a wall at the base of iron railings, it was so bright and fresh compared with the grey streets. The reader can share my fascination throughout a year of walking visits as the moss changes from vivid green to crumbling brown and back again. One year on, as I marvel at the endurance of this tentative plant life, the developers move in, the moss is swept away, and the railings are boarded up."