Aster Nautica
By Clare Elliot Lilliston Seattle, Washington: May Day Press, 2015. Edition of 45 variables.

8 x 11.25" closed. Single opening. Text letterpress printed with handset type by Catherine Michaelis.

Seattle poet Clare Lilliston finds inspiration in the first flower to be grown by astronauts in space.

May Day Press: "The writing explores the human need for our plant companions in space and ideas of nature inspired by the first zinnia to bloom in space.

"Catherine Alice Michaelis combined nine print runs and techniques of letterpress-printing, pressure-printing, ghost-printing, and mono-printing to create Aster Nautica. All but one of the pressure prints are created completely from plant matter." (accessed 7/21/16): "On Jan. 16, 2016, Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly shared photographs of a blooming zinnia flower in the Veggie plant growth system aboard the International Space Station. Kelly wrote, 'Yes, there are other life forms in space!'"