The Hunter and the Bear
By Bryan Kring San Francisco, California: San Francisco Center for the Book, 2014. Edition of 100

4 x 4"; 3 pages. Pop up. Letterpress printed. Materials: paper, book cloth, button, string. Bound in black boards with cloth spine. Paper title label on front cover. Button and string closure. Numbered.

SFCB: "This book tells a fairytale-like story of a hunter and a bear. The hunter, along with six helpers, heads into the mountains to kill a fearsome beast of legend, an extremely large bear. What he finds is something deeper, when he falls in love with his prey. Unfortunately the bonds of love are not strong enough to overpower the two lovers’ basic natures. There is a betrayal, a scuffle, and the story ends when the bear eats the hunter and all six of his men."