There: an archive of built places
By Sara White Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Southern Pests Books and Prints, 2014. Edition of 45.

4 x 5"; 20 pages. Letterpress-printed gate-fold pamphlet. Handset type. Self-wrap with slip slot closure. Numbered.

Sara White: "This book began with an interest in the term 'structure" and its contextual implications for children. In 2011, I letterpress printed invitations with instructions for participants to draw from memory a human-made structure from childhood on a ready-stamped white postcard that they could detach and drop in the mail. I distributed 100 invitations primarily to strangers around New Orleans, Louisiana, and received about 45 back in the mail. The one-of-a-kind box set contains the original postcards/drawings with a letterpress printed pamphlet that I created by composing a poem from postcard text and imagery. The pages blossom from the center and nestle so that the poem, like memories, may be perceived in multiple ways."
$75 pamphlet