The Bestial Floor
A Selection of Rhymed Fables

By Bruce Bennett Aurora, New York: Wells College Press, 2011. Edition of 75.

4.4 x 6.75" clamshell box containing 19 leaves. Printed letterpress and bound by Sarah Bryant, Abagail Williams, and Alexander Schoop at the Wells College Press. Set in Monotype Garamond by Michael and Winifred Bixler. Numbered on colophon. Signed by poet on title page.

Colophon: "The fifteen poems in The Bestial Floor were selected from Animal Rites, an as-yet unpublished collection of Bruce Bennett's rhymed and prose fables."

Wells News Archives, April 13, 2011: "According to Professor Bennett, he has been writing fables of various sorts since the 1970s. ... 'Influences, at the beginning anyway, were Aesop, Thurber, and LaFontaine,’ commented Bennett, ‘but after a while writing fables took on a life of its own. I have always been interested in exploring the possibilities of writing in a variety of forms, and the opportunities offered by writing fables, which in a way are pure storytelling and can have any subject whatever, seem to be inexhaustible.’

"Professor Bennett has taught at Wells since 1973. He is Chair of English and directs the college's Creative Writing Program. "

A snapping turtle, angry as a slap,
lashed out. “I’m mad! The world is full of crap!”
“It is,” his milder cousin, Mud, replied.
“But one can still be beautiful inside.”