I Found Out
By Alisa Golden Berkeley, California: never mind the press, 2016. Edition of 34.

2.5 x 2.5" paper box. Box interior painted pearlescent gold. Houses 2.1 x 2.1" miniature book with 14 pages, cloth over boards. Letterpress printed from handset Univers type. Book title "I Found Out" printed in wood type." Photos inkjet printed. Signed and numbered by Golden.

Alisa Golden: "Overlooked and overheard people and things are the subject of this palm-sized box that contains a miniature accordion folded book. The overheard conversations are letterpress printed on the outside of the paper box. The words "I Found Out" are also printed in wood type. Inside is painted pearlescent gold.

"The miniature book has inkjet printed photographs of objects I found out on my walks with a short poem about shyness and people taken for granted printed via letterpress in yellow ink. The covers are mix and match in thirteen combinations, boards wrapped in book cloth I found in my studio from other projects; a penny is inset in the cover of each.

"The first color is the cover color. Choices are: forest green, leaf green, bright cherry red, wine red, sky blue.

wine/leaf leaf/wine
wine/sky sky/wine