Renault 12
By Alex Appella
San Antonio de Arredondo, Córdoba, Argentina: Transient Books, 2009. Open numbered edition.

5 x 8.25"; 16 unnumbered pages, with 8 full-color double spreads comprised of a reproduction of an original collage, 6 of them including a pop-up. Printed on Colorspot Nieve paper, using an Epson Ink Jet Printer. All acid-free materials. Flat back binding. Photos by Alex Appella, except for original Renault 12 publicity material and owner's manual scans. Housed in its own "glove box wallet." Bi-lingual glossary included.

Alex Appella: "A book to honor the community within the Southern Punilla Valley in Córdoba, Argentina, that I call home, a lovely fall, and this titan of econobox transportation: The Renault 12. This auto was manufactured in many countries*, and specifically in Argentina from 1971 to 1994, where it lives on today as an accessible solution from getting the family from point A to point B. (*Including Turkey, Romania, Colombia, Spain & France.)"

Each page features a different family pop-up portrait plus information about the owners and their car. The inside of the front and back covers boast original publicity material. Behind each pop up are glimpses of pages from a 1971 owner's manual.