Passionate Posies
By M. J. Linford
Bainbridge Island, Washington: Bad Girl Press, 2012. Edition of 20.

2.7" circular metal box with clear glass removable lid. 2.6" circular book of 8 pages laid in. Book rests on the plastic see-through base that allows room for a BB-in-the-indentation game in the bottom of the metal box. Colophon adhered to exterior base of circular box.

Linford's passion for pop-ups and games combine for fun with flowers. The round miniature book has four double page pop-ups: apple blossom, pansy, rose, and passion flower.

At the base of the box is 'loves me / loves me not' game. The drawing of a petaled flower has small indentations for a BB to land in as the box is manipulated.