Die Stadt - The City
By Hilke Kurzke
Bonn, Germany: Hilke Kurzke, 2012. Edition of 24.

2 x 1.25"; 20 pages. Miniature flutter book. Text printed in ParmaPetit Font with pigment ink. Pop-up image printed from an original water colored ink drawing. Non adhesive binding (book linen folded - not glued). Laid in matchbox case with ribbon lift. Paper title label on box cover. Bilingual text - German and English. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Hilke Kurzke: "The book contains a very short 'story about a search that failed due to culture shock' in German and English (the whole book is bilingual throughout, from title to blurb). The center spread features a pop-up panel that shows 'the city'."