By Leilei Guo
Beijing, China: Leilei Guo, 2012. Edition of 5.

19.5 x 13 x 1.5", expands to 13"; 13 pages. Double-sided modified tunnel structure. Hand-cut. Silkscreen prints. Laid in four flap hard cover portfolio wrapper. Signed by the artist.

Leilei Guo: "This book is one of my continuing themes about the living environment in our modern life. Nowadays, the living spaces of human beings are becoming smaller and smaller, and the boundaries of regions are becoming blurred and even indistinct. People from different countries live and mingle together. We see Western people in Asia and Asian people in the West. People may have different color skin, but they use the same languages. Sometimes it is hard to know where we are, it could be New York, Tokyo, Beijing, or Paris. It seems as if the boundaries between nations are disappearing day by day. This growing similarity in architecture around the world is just one sign of a world becoming homogenous.

"In this book my idea is that in ancient times there are many mountains on the land, and as civilizations developed these have been replaced (sometimes literally) by many apartments. On the two sides of this book is an image of the mountains from the ancient Chinese paintings; the interior shows the modern apartments, one layer by another."