Aeolian Giraffes
By Lois Morrison
Leonia, New Jersey: Lois Morrison, 2011. Edition of 25.

5.5 x 8.25"; 12 pages. Accordion structure. Handlettered text by the artist. Collage, cut outs, pop outs. Giraffes printed on interference-splattered frosted plastic. Other papers: Bristol Board, Masa, Mulberry, Strathmore 400, and Crown Point Synergy. A Gocco printer used for everything but the landscape, which was color-copied. Bound in illustrated cloth-covered boards. Laid in four-fold illustrated black cloth wrap with button and thread closure. Drawn, hand-cut, written, assembled and bound by the artist. Signed and numbered.

Lois Morrison, colophon: "This book is based on a fortunate mis-reading of Temple Grandlin's writing about friendships between giraffes, among others, Aeolian. Aeolus is the god of winds so they must be the most delicately beautiful creatures on the African plains. Re-reading the passage, I realized the word was Angolan, but by then it was too late, the image had taken hold."