Ilex Laevigata (male and female)
By Rebecca Goodale
Portland, Maine: Rebecca Goodale, 2013. Edition of 3.

16 x 14.75"; six double page pop-outs. Paper cutting. Silk screen. Bound in cloth-covered boards. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Although the Ilex Laevigata does not fall in Maine's threatened or endangered categories, it does have a state status of special concern. That is, while the number of occurrences are low (between 20 to 100 in the state) the habitat seems secure so it is considered rare but not endangered.

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry: "Smooth winterberry holly is a deciduous shrub which resembles the closely related common winterberry (Ilex verticillata) found throughout Maine. It grows up to 4 m high, with oval leaves which are finely toothed along the edges and shiny on their upper surface (the common winterberry has dull leaves). There are separate male and female flowers, usually on separate plants, in the leaf axils. The staminate flowers occur singly or two together and are borne on long stalks, while the pistillate flowers are solitary and on shorter stalks. The ovule-bearing carpellate flowers develop into small, red berries.

"This plant is restricted statewide to southern Maine. Some populations are vulnerable to conversion of their habitat to residential or commercial use; other populations, located farther within larger wetlands, are more secure."
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