Too Much Order
By Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, Vermont: Shattuck Studio, 2008. Open edition.

6.5 x 8.75" closed; 4 pages. Two double-page pop-ups. Collage of monotype remnants photographed then printed on enhanced matte digital paper. The cover, with paper title label tipped on, is Lama Li Bright paper. Oversized band closure.

Carolyn Shattuck: "Too Much Order is a fable about fear inhibiting one’s actions. The characters are Mr.& Mrs. Scaredy-Pants who live in an enclosed perfectly neat and ordered environment. Their world is flung apart when they venture outside….The pop-up engineering of the shard-like chaos outside is contrasted with the rectangular pop-up house....

"I wanted to experiment with paper engineering of the pop-up book and work with digital imaging. The original assemblage was derived from scrap monotypes. The figures, Mr. & Mrs. Scaredy-Pants, evolved from my work with Puritan imagery and childhood memories."