Our Acreage and Lux Carnis
By Anel Viz
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Doppelganger Press, 2007. Edition of 50.

5 x 7" ; 52 pages. Letterpress printed from photopolymer plates on FrankfurtCream mouldmade paper. Digitally typeset in Adobe In Design using Aldus and Trajan types, with linoleum relief print illustrations by Laura J. Thomson. Quarter bound in a dos-à-dos form with Asahi Japanese silk bookcloth, Roma, and Fabriano Ingres papers.

Doppelganger Press produces books in the highest tradition of fine press printing. Unlike traditional presses, however, Laura Thompson draws her texts from the world of electronic publishing, bringing work that has avoided the screening and scrubbing process of commercial interests into the hands of readers. In a delightfully subversive way, she does honor to both the traditional and the avant-garde.

Anel Viz: "The two works contained in this volume celebrate both the physical and spiritual sides of the author's love for his partner of four years. Both are frankly and unabashedly homoerotic."

Doppelganger Press: "The prose poem cycle Lux Carnis (Light of the Flesh) focuses on a diversity of aspects of the gay experience, following two men as their love develops into a monogamous, committed relationship, admittedly an exception in the current gay subculture, though not as uncommon as some would have us believe.…

"By contrast, Our Acreage is a single prose poem in five cantos that focuses on the physical aspects of gay sexuality. After the initial explosion of mutual discovery, each canto describes in a variety of metaphors four acts of homoerotic love: rimming, fellatio, cuddling, and anal intercourse….

"Anel Viz was born and raised on the East Coast of the United States, but has lived about one-quarter of his life abroad, mostly in French-speaking countries. The French poetic tradition has had as large an influence on his work as contemporary American poetry."