By Spring 2009 Typography Class
Claremont, California: Scripps College Press, 2009. Edition of 94.

6.5 x 9.75 x 1"; 154 pages. Letterpress on four Vandercook presses. Typeface: Gill Sans. Imagery from type cases. Exterior: copper-colored thread sewn over Tyvek reinforced tapes attached to the black Japanese bookcloth cover.

Colophon: "Imagery emerged directly from the type cases rather than from our usual linoleum blocks. The evocative leaf between sections was chosen for its translucency and colorful visual qualities. It was made in the Philippines from finely spun fibers."

Introduction: "Peter Mark Roget wrote his first list of synonyms in 1805 for himself as an aid to more lively writing & lecturing. After a lifetime as a biologist interested in classification systems, Roget expanded his rudimentary list starting in 1848. He attempted to organize all thought into classes: abstract relations, space, matter, intellect, volition, & affections. Roget's Thesaurus was finally published in 1852. His original strategy was for readers to search for useful words through related ideas within the classification system. Most people who use the thesaurus don't know about this aspect of its use, so we thought it would be a good touchstone to generate ideas for our texts. Our keen interest in visual typography led us to invite Ron King of Circle Press and artist Sam Winston from England to give a joint Frederic W. Goudy Lecture during the Spring semester. Their presentation and workshop inspired the students to pay attention to how type could reflect the way we speak."
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