Dream Keeper
By Shana Broderick
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Cut Cloth Press, 2007. Edition of 8.

7 x 4.5 x 1"; 20 pages. Two paired accordion books (literally combined by a single back board with the accordions positioned like the gates in a gatefold binding) sewn onto hand-dyed cotton muslin and mulberry paper. The paper is quilted within two layers of fabric, giving the cloth a more book-like quality. Lines of the poems alternate with photographs, which have been digitally manipulated, and printed on cotton. Enclosed and tied in a protective covering of book board covered by royal blue bookcloth. Cover typography reproduced from The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes that had been deaccessioned in the late 1990s from the Milwaukee Public Library (with copyright material missing). Poems and images by Shana Broderick.

Shana Broderick: "This book includes some of my own dream fragments and is a combination of my interests in poetry, sewing, photography, and the unconscious mind. Using hand-dyed cotton muslin and digitally manipulated images, I stitched together two poem books that can be read one by one or simultaneously. [That is, you can read the poems as individual texts or as one by reading across the gates.]"
$400 (SOLD)