The Story of Little Goose
By Tara O'Brien
2003-2004. Edition of 100.

5 x 9" in gray cloth covered boards with a blind stamped impression of "Little Goose." Offset printed. Structure based on a design by Heidi Kyle.

This little story is a humorous one of a renter's woes.

Tara O'Brien: "The Story of Little Goose was inspired by my first landlord experience when moving to Philadelphia from Los Angeles. I had a rough time finding a place to live, and then the apartment I did rent leaked when it rained. The leaking could be defined more accurately as: waterfalls down walls, saturated carpets, mold released every time the carpets were re-saturated. I kept asking for the problem to be fixed, but of course nothing happened. After two months I'd had enough and many pieces which made it possible for me to move, fell into place.

The actual book originated as an assignment. We pulled two images and two pieces of text from an envelope and were instructed to create a book. I pulled the goose, a postcard with an image of Philadelphia buildings on it, my own writing on rage (directed at my landlord) and a piece on traveling. The Story of Little Goose is the final result."