By Jenny Craig
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 2003. Edition of 17.

9 x 8"; 16 pages. Letterpress printed at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Illustrated and printed on Stonehenge paper. Accordion style structure. Case bound with a false spine that allows the text block to be pulled out and displayed in full.

Jenny Craig: "This book represents my answer to a class exercise at UARTS. The members of the class were challenged to each bring in two small snippets of writing (not our own) and two images (also not our own). We placed all of these into a hat, and each person drew two images and two random writing samples. We were then asked to produce a book in response to these four elements, utilizing the original object as much as possible. This unique set of circumstances led to my first foray into modern myth-making. In it, I relate the origin of round manhole covers, and call attention to the fascinating variety of imagery beneath our feet. I was walking around Philadelphia a lot that semester.

"I used both images that I drew: the small giraffe on the cover and the portrait of Fannie Mae Farmbrook. The writing snippets were more difficult to incorporate. I remember that one was about Mom making the basement a place of her own - that she stayed in the basement with the cats. In my mind (and probably no one else's) this translates to the moon underground. Excerpts from the second sample, about tides, are reproduced on the manhole covers within the book."
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