Alphabet Animal / Animal Alphabet
By Beatrice Coron
2001. Edition of 15.

5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5" cube. Uses papercutting and pochoirs. Each card hand-cut with cut-out and cut-in silhouette and pochoir printed letters. An animal-related alphabet in French and English with one word per letter. All words are animal names, except N, U, and X which are animal related. Graphically, both shapes of the silhouette are retained (the full and the empty shape) to be able to use every part of the paper. A shadow is added by watercolor stencil. The perception of an English and/or French book echo the perceptions of silhouette by complementary effects. Just as silhouettes divide the visual plan, the French and/or English word divides the linguistic plane.

Ms. Coron says that this cube-alphabet is a reminder of her favorite toy when she was a toddler. It was the first book she created after September 11, 2001.
$800 (SOLD)