Alex Appella – Argentina
Renault 12 (Sold)
Where are you from? (Sold)

Artboard Ink – Arizona
(Pamela S. Wood)

Ghosts, Boxes, and Other Old Stuff
The Magician’s Assistant
Paper Dream

Alice Austin – Pennsylvania
Bloom (Sold)
Milk Butter Eggs (out of print)

Bad Girl Press – Washington

Passionate Posies (Sold)

Bay Park Press – California
(Sibyl Rubottom & Jim Machacek)

O is for Opera

Circle Press – England
(Ron King)

alphabeta concertina minuscule (Sold)
little but often
White Alphabet (Last Copy)

Flying Fish Press – California
(Julie Chen)

Full Circle

Rebecca Goodale – Maine
Ilex Laevigata (Last Copy)

Leilei Guo – China

Helen Hiebert – Colorado
Pop-Up Hand Shadow Book

Hunger Button Books – California
(Nanette Wylde)

Hello Catty!

Paul Johnson – England
The Quest (Sold)
Ursula’s Garden (Sold)

Hilke Kurzke – England
Die Stadt – The City

JUSTARIP – New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)

Houses of Stars and Dreams (Sold)

May Day Press
(Catherine Michaelis)

Erotica Botanica (Sold)

Lois Morrison – New Jersey / Virginia
Aeolian Giraffes
The Show of Dr. Mortvisage
Their Journey Begins

Howard Munson – California
Calavera Catrina (Sold)
Collaged Face (Sold)
Prayer Sticks (Sold)

Pacific Editions – California
(Charles Hobson)

Nelson & Emma

Peptic Robot Press – Illinois
(Joseph Lappie)

The Articifer Arisen, The Artificer Fallen

RatArt Press – California
(Michael Henninger)

Carousel, A Musical Pop Up (Sold)

SFCBook – California
Paper Space

Michelle Segal – Arizona
Time Carousel (Sold)

Shawn Sheehy – Illinois
A Pop-Up Culinary Herbal (Sold)

Shattuck Gallery – Vermont
(Carolyn Shattuck)

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness (Last three copies)
Happiness I
Too Much Order (Sold)
Too Much Sugar (Last Copy)

Spaceheater Editions – Arizona
(Phil Zimmermann)


Transformer Press – Canada
(Lise Melhorn-Boe)

The Family that Liked to Eat (Last Copy)
Library Book
Sleeping Beauty (Last Copy)
What’s for Lunch?

Thomas Brian Virgin – Florida
“Can’t See It From My House”

Debra Weier – New Jersey
Rise and Fall (Sold)

Thomas Parker Williams - Pennsylvania
Mountainside Matrix
Ocean Wave