Erika Adams - Canada
Pickles I Have Known (Sold)

Edizioni Almenodue - Italy / Massachusetts
A Brief Story of Raw and Cooked Roots, Herbs (Sold)

Nava Atlas - New York
Deconstructing Elsie

Bay Park Press - California
Spice Market

Frank Brannon - North Carolina
Eye Think a Lot About Potatoes

Marylee Bytheriver - California
Beans (Sold)

Claudia Cohen - Washington
Edible Alphabet

Anne Claude Cotty - Maine
I’d Offer You Eggs

Boo Gilder - Alabama
Cane Syrup (Sold)

Mari Eckstein Gower - Washington
Alchemist’s Lunchbox

Brandon Graham - Illinois

John Hastings - Washington
How Decadent (Sold)

Michael Henninger - California
Ice Cream Man

Annie Herlocker - Tennessee
Alabama Kitchen (Sold)
Let’s Eat (Sold

Ed Hutchins - New York
El Taco de Ojo (Sold)

Arnold Iger - California
Bagel Ballet (Sold)

Janus Press - Vermont
(Claire Van Vliet)
Eat Book (Sold)

Jean-Claude Loubières - France
Remise En Forme / To Get in shape

Emily Martin - Iowa

Scott McCarney - New York
A Selection of Cards (Sold)

Catherine Michaelis - Washington
Flower Recipes for a Garden Party (Sold)
Plant Dyes from the Kitchen (Sold)

Lise Melhorn-Boe - Canada
The Boy who Liked to Eat (Last Copy)
The Family that Liked to Eat (Last Copy)
A Good Wife Wouldn’t (Sold)
Light and Flaky (Last Copy)
Slurping (Sold)
Recipes (Sold)
The Tale of the Teabags ((Last Copy)
What’s for Lunch?

Cathryn Miller - Canada
A is for Apple (Sold)

Bessie Smith Moulton - Maine
Taking the Soup (Sold)

Elizabeth Munger - Iowa
The Story of Table Setting

Pequeno Press - Arizona
Escoffier- King of Chefs, Chef of Kings

Perishable Press - Wisconsin
Making a Sacher Torte (Sold)

Meryl Perloff - California
New Orleans Favorites

Amy Pirkle - Alabama
Daily Bread

Lisa Rappoport - California
Let the Gin Fizz!

Maryann Riker - New Jersey
3 Cooks in the Kitchen (Last 2 copies)

Measure by Measure (Last Copy)
Pancake Makeup (Last Copy)

Deena Schnitman - Massachusetts
50 Fruits and Vegetables (Sold)

Scripps College - California
Cut & Dried (Sold)

Carolyn Shattuck - Vermont
Too Much SugaR (Last Copy)

Small Craft Advisory Press - Florida
Cropwork Orange
Music for Teacups

Jessica Spring - Washington
Cherry Pie
Damn Good Coffee (Sold)
Ginger (last copy)
Mithridatum (Sold)
More Wine!
Myrista Fragrans (Last copy)
pepper love
you are the icing on my cake (Sold)
you say tomato! I say tomato!

Stephanie Stigliano - Massachusetts
Eat Your …

Laurie Szujewska - California
Mousse (Sold)

Richard Troncone - New Jersey
A piece of π (Sold)

Rae Trujillo - California
Dressed to Drink (Sold)

Viking Dog Press - California
(Claribel Cone/Mike Heffner)
Candy (Sold)
Cocktails with William Powell (Sold)
A Pickle Portfolio

Shu-Ju Wang - Oregon
Nigrum (Sold)

Suzanne Thomas Weinert - Washington
The Wine

Women’s Studio Workshop - New York
Good Eats